educational tours

Travelling abroad is of course a very important part of education but days out full of museums might not do the trick! Our educational tours for schools and colleges are both informative and enjoyable and all our Tour Managers and Guides are ‘student friendly’, experienced at bringing places to life. If you have a particular focus for your trip and would like our Guides to cover certain aspects of the destination, then we can work together with you to ensure your students get the most out of their trip. We can arrange special educational visits to sites, organise hands-on activities and also foreign language stays.


Younger students need a well-balanced itinerary and guides who keep things fun. We're experienced at planning great tours.


Whatever the focus of older students' studies, we can plan weekends away and longer trips with educational content.

Group of 5 young men with skis on top of a mountain in the snow

Sports Trips

From ski trips to tennis masterclasses and football academies we can take care of all your accommodation and travel needs

Group of young children with their teacher making poses in a drama class

Music & Theatre